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Upper Quartile's partners are all experienced business professionals with backgrounds at senior level in both the public and private sectors at home and abroad.

Phillip Choudhury


Phillip Choudhury

Phillip Choudhury is qualified governance expert and has worked in developing countries for more than 20 years including 15 with donor projects funded by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, DFID and USAID. With the weight of this experience in Afghanistan and Bangladesh, the impact of Islam on development programs is well understood. Phillip has seen successful initiatives to leverage Islamic principles to advance the position of women in Afghanistan, but knows the limitations Pashtun culture, for example, can place on development activities. Mapping the complex interplay of politics and ethnicity has enabled Phillip to steer development initiatives to their end without being diverted by powerful political imperatives.

Phillip's approach is typified by a command of content and process positioning him well to guide senior personnel within government and address complex technical issues. He is able to cross professional boundaries and grasp a range of disciplines. Comfortable working across ministries, he is well suited managing a broad basket of development activities within a commercial project portfolio.

Phillip is adept at focusing senior figures around results, proceeding in a way that facilitates and creates government and stakeholder ownership. His accomplishments are grounded in polite negotiation and trust building finessed with intercultural insight. While quickly becoming an ally of Government, he always challenges counterparts to deliver project agreements.

His written documents are exemplary in their brevity and conceptual clarity. He crafts raw data into coherent narrative such that readers both understand the trajectory of a program, and have access to detailed argument. Providing an honest, balanced account of project events, his reports are credible and create confidence in audiences.

As an experienced leader including in Afghanistan, Phillip has succeeded in managing complex programs and mentoring teams in difficult environments. Through careful financial and contract management, each of his projects has seen the full deployment of resources and the complete achievement of outputs. These accomplishments have been validated through the design of accessible monitoring and evaluation frameworks and convincing reporting. Phillip has represented the interests of clients with unfailing integrity and fulfilled tasks in absolute compliance with procedure.

Underpinning his success are two Masters level qualifications in organizational development and in international management.

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