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Upper Quartile wins Aberdeen City Council support programme

Business Strategy and Performance
28 July 2011

The energy sector in Iraq is going to be the country’s primary economic driver.   However Iraq currently lacks the capacity and skills to deliver the services needed across the country and is activly seeking international partners - particularly in the oil and gas service industry.  


The oil and gas marketplace in Iraq is seeing major growth and this is driving demand with investment in 2011 already exceeding the  


Iraq plans to raise production from 2 million bbd to approaching 12 million bbd.  The current state owned infrastructure and the services sectors are unable to respond to existing demand and the previous regime’s systematic dismantling of the private sector leaves Iraq with little prospect of increasing domestic capacity quickly without bringing in international support


We will work in cooperation with Calash Limited – an Aberdeen based financial services company - to support the companies and institutions of Aberdeenshire take advantage of this massive market.


Upper Quartile also publish the Iraq Business News with a recently started Events page for UK Events and Iraq Events.


“We have been working with companies and supporting them to for several years and are delighted that Aberdeen has decided to use our specialist services to support local companies seeking a foothold in the massive and expanding market”  said

UQ Capability Statement - Iraq - July 2010.pdf