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Technical Assistance to Ministry of Commerce and Industries Afghanistan (MoCI)

14 January 2014

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Upper Quartile is working in association with Adam Smith International (ASI) to deliver the latest phase of the DFID funded Technical Assistance programme to the Afghanistan Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI).


MoCI’s mission is “to encourage growth through the development of appropriate policies and regulations, and the facilitation of private sector production and trade”. Upper Quartile and ASI are therefore supporting the ministry to enable an environment that assists business start-up, innovation and export development, in order to improve private sector growth. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce believe that Agri-processing, Cashmere, Carpets, Construction Materials, Marble and Gemstones offer the greatest potential for pro-poor, private sector led growth.


Commencing in November 2013,  the technical assistance to MoCI is a three year programme aimed at building on previous DFID project activity and honing in on critical technical areas requiring capacity development. The new phase covers workstreams that reflect the current priorities of MoCI and complements support from other donors. The programme is focused on three core themes;

  • Providing strategic planning and leadership development
  • Supporting legislative, regulatory and policy reform
  • Improving the environment for private-sector led growth.

For further information on this project please contact Chris Boyd at