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Iraq Business launch success

18 March 2010

Upper Quartile and AAIB launched their new joint venture Iraq Business News on the 18th February.The weekly newsletter and web site combine Upper Quartile's Iraq Newsletter and AAIB's Iraq Business News Weekly and provide regularly updated and industry specific business news on all that is happening in Iraq.


With capital spending on oilfield services in 2011 alone estimated to be five times that of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait combined …… there is a lot happening.     


Iraq Business News LogoThe first month's readership has been stunning – with a contact database of over 5,000 Iraq interested business people and approaching 1,000 hits a day on the web site: the top 10 countries include the USA at No 1, the UK at No 2 and 5 middle east countries – with Iraq at number 4 - plus of course Japan, France, Italy.


We have been reaching readers in 60 countries regularly.  If you want to reach businesses investing in Iraq or the Middle East you advertise on the website - or in the newsletter itself.