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Construction Trade Mission to Iraq, June

Post Conflict Reconstruction
01 April 2010

As the year progresses Baghdad is set to award engineering, procurement and construction contracts in 2010.  Some construction and consulting majors are already preparing market entry plans and one or two making short forays into Iraq - aware of the $250bn reconstruction and development plan that the Ministry of Planning has just released.  This is linked to the estimate of $1.5tn to $2.5tn oil and gas sector income forecast to tip into Government coffers over the next 20 years.


In recent trips it has become apparent that the reconstruction process will be kick started this year with the IOC services contracts.  “There is a lot of interest and lot of activity in Iraq,” says a senior executive at an international contracting firm. “..and most of the IOCs in Iraq have started to look for contractors.”


But this is not the full picture.  The bulk of the Ministry outlined programmes are in housing, roads, water, wastewater, schools, hospitals and the multiplicity of basic construction needs of an economy that is now growing again at a rapid rate, after oil price rises late last year.  The Chairman of the National Investment Commission Dr Sami Al Araji said “we need a significant number of international contractors and we have a major requirement for those experienced in PPP type projects to help Iraq’s redevelopment”.  In the Iraq media it is clear that hardly a day passes now without the award of a contract, many of these having passed through the NIC’s doors in the last year.


Most companies know little about Iraq and the opportunities.  Addressing this, Upper Quartile and G4S are planning a trade mission focused on construction in June this year, A mission focused on the oil and gas sector service and infrastructure needs ran successfully last Autumn, and a further mission is planned for May.


Interest has been expressed by a number of master planners and construction businesses.  If you want to join them, or find out more, let us know.  It’s a great opportunity.


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