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G4S: Update on Progress In Iraq

Post Conflict Reconstruction
24 March 2010

Iraq needs a diversified international corporate presence to develop.  Since privatisation in the  1970’s the knowledge base, investment and latterly Government service levels, have been in decline.  To regain lost ground and return to its former position as one of the most advanced economies in the Gulf Iraq needs global business.  Upper Quartile has been advising a range of companies on their market entry strategies.


G4 SecurityFor the last three months we have been working with G4S on a diversified market portfolio in Iraq.  In the UK G4S has a broad portfolio of recognised products - from managing the majority of UK cash machines, to running immigration centres and delivering training – it is a FTSE top 50 company.  In Iraq the company has traditionally had a more focused mission, leading on supply convoy management and protection as G4S ArmorGroup International. In recent months efforts to diversify into the future marketplace, and offer the full range of Uk product, has started.


Upper Quartile have been assisting with work in the oil and gas sector, including developing recent oil sector tender bids, and designing CSR proposals; and at the same time supporting the company to design its overall new market diversification strategy for Iraq.  That has included building up commercial and Government of Iraq contacts and brand awareness, and going forward will include targeted sales and marketing effort reaching identified product area – like cash machine management for commercial banks, and integrated services provision for Government.  


For further information contact Adrian Green