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Serviced Office in Basra, Iraq

Business Strategy and Performance
08 May 2010

Iraq is still unfolding but the sheer magnitude of the opportunities available is unprecedented.

As a market, Iraq is often confusing, difficult and expensive to access.  Opportunities, though, are numerous and fast moving. Being able to capitalise on them means having a permanent presence in Iraq, and with security costs alone averaging $5,000 a day, can be extremely expensive.


  • How can you access this market without making a serious dent in your budget?
  • How can you carry out effective due-diligence on local ‘agents’ offering you their services?
  • How can you manage the day-to-day relationships with your Clients in Basra? 
  • How can you be at the front of the queue as these opportunities open up?


Upper Quartile, an Edinburgh based Consultancy, has been operating in Iraq for the past 3 years on behalf of governments and multi-national companies. Our knowledge of Iraq, access and experience of doing business here is unrivalled – we now offer our knowledge and networks to you on a fixed price monthly basis.


We offer you a fully resourced Representative Office on a short-term fixed-cost basis allowing you to be at the front of the queue as the Iraqi Oil Industry opens up the massive oil fields in the south over the next months - without bearing the full costs or the risk!


Our approach is based on your requirements and tailored to meet your business and regulatory requirements.   With an office in Basra, Upper Quartile staff are available to support you in:


  • Building a relationship between YOUR business and your Iraqi customer,
  • Unblock operational issues.
  • Provide in-country tender support from delivering bid documents to invoice management.
  • Identify tender opportunities and preparation.
  • Finding local partners.
  • Doing the front-end work in advance of you permanent operation.


Communication and accountability are the cornerstones of our services. Being a UK based company, we CAN BE held accountable for our actions to you. Our reporting mechanisms are tailored to meet your needs and to ensure that you are kept abreast of all developments relevant to you.


Our team of expatriate and local professionals provide an immediate, cost-effective alternative to using potentially unreliable local agents, and with our own resources enable you to focus on making the right connections and building long-term growth without locking yourself into big commitments in advance of a project being secured.



The cost of provision will be US$7,500 per month contracted on a six month rolling basis, within this fee the following is included:


Entry Strategy

To make sure that we understand what you are looking for we will come and sit with you in your office for up to 2 days of a UK based consultant supported by 5 days of a Basra based consultant to prepare an agreed entry strategy and operational plan with key milestones and deliverables covering 6 month.   The only additional cost is travel to your office and any accommodation.   In London and Aberdeen the travel and accommodation is included


Winning work in Iraq

Subject to your own security requirements, we will support your visits to Iraq, which will be combined with flexible background support while you are away - including:


  • Identification of relevant targets in the Southern and Maysan Oil Companies, Iraq Drilling Company, the Ports and within the Ministry of Oil and maintaining regular (non technical) face-time with them on your behalf;
  • Identification of and background checks on potential partners, distributors and service providers including due diligence;
  • Bespoke meeting programme arranged with full private security and secure transport;
  • Office services including translation, delivery of key documents – tenders, brochures, collection of tenders, debt chasing, recruitment of local technical representatives, registering an Iraq subsidiary etc;
  • Upper Quartile issue a regular newsletter and run a web site commenting on the developments across Iraq – it is read by some 12,000 monthly.     The fee will include advertisement on the web site and newsletter at least monthly.


What do I do next?


Contact us!


We are more than happy to discuss your requirements, with no obligation to yourself.


Gavin Jones, Partner, Upper Quartile LLP