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Education and Training for the Oil and Gas Industry in Iraq

Business Strategy and Performance
28 May 2010

Following several years of work and discussions between Getenergy Ltd and the Ministry of Oil, a specific Iraqi event was created to bring together providers of education and training and the upstream oil and gas industry. The first event of its kind was Getenergy for Iraq 2009 – held under the patronage of HE. Dr Al Shahristani, Minister of Oil, Republic of Iraq was hosted in Istanbul in October 2009.

The results of the meeting were:


  • Widening professional links between oil and gas companies and education and training suppliers
  • Negotiation on the role of education and training in agreements between national oil companies, international oil companies, and governments for resource exploitation
  • Partnerships between education and training suppliers across the world in support of the industry in Iraq
  • Business in the delivery of learning services of all kinds and levels (engineering, technical, management, finance, health and safety,  IT, English, leadership, distance learning, simulation, coaching and mentoring)  to oil and gas companies
  • Demonstrations and benchmarking of new education and training courses, curricula, techniques, programmes, materials, work placements, and scholarships for learning for the industry, as well as of competency standards and qualifications
  • Debates on issues relating to human resource development within the industry, including recruitment, retention, local content, and professional and technical development for oil and gas company personnel
  • Discussions on education and training as part of corporate social responsibility by oil and gas companies



Participants at this first meeting of its kind included:

  • Iraqi Oil Companies
  • The Iraq Ministries of Oil, Higher Education, and Science and Technology
  • International Oil and Gas Companies
  • Iraqi universities, colleges, oil training institutes, and training companies
  • International universities, colleges, and training providers


Next steps following Getenergy for Iraq 2009, Istanbul.

Getenergy for Iraq 2010 and beyond…

Sunday 20th June 2010, Al-Rasheed Hotel, Baghdad.

1200 – 1600 – including a working lunch


“A strategic meeting to review skills and training requirements in Iraq and how these can be met/supported using the Getenergy Events and Getenergy Bridge software system as a platform”.

This event is part of the Catalogue Show, Iraq organised by Upper Quartile/G4S, the Baghdad Provincial Reconstruction Team and the US Commercial Service. Delegates are able to attend for free. More details of the registration process will be available shortly.

The country Chairman of Shell will be helping to chair this Exchange session and the discussions will encourage all participants to work to reach a set of objectives concerning the next steps for the Getenergy 2010 event which is planned for October. Registered delegates will be sent a discussion pack prior to the event by email.

The Exchange itself is expected to bring together representatives of the Ministry of Oil, International Oil Companies with Service Agreements in Iraq, Services companies and those training and education representatives able to attend. If you are interested in being part of this meeting, please email to register your interest.