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Professional Courses in Economic Development


Public Sector Management

Improving Effectiveness in Public Governance


This suite of courses is about improved efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism in Public Sector Management.  All of these courses are of direct relevance to Economic Development practitioners in central governments and development agencies, but they are also of wider relevance within Governments, their agencies, and NGOs. They cover key stages of the development process. 

Courses available include:

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Turning Strategy into Action
Many organisations periodically revise their corporate strategy to fit changing circumstances, but are less clear about the means by which the sound principles of their strategy can be implemented in projects on the ground.   Well-meaning strategies often fail to be [...]
Scenario Planning
This course is aimed at organisations or geographic regions facing a complex set of future options – be they threats, or opportunities, or inevitable outcomes.   Scenario planning looks at a number of possible pictures of the future, considering what is [...]
Economic Appraisal and Impact Assessment
The course provides a comprehensive overview of economic appraisal key steps and concepts, and a step-by-step guide to applying basic appraisal techniques for development projects and programmes. The course provides practical advice on useful tools, evidence, and support material for [...]
Risk Assessment
This course is based on best British and EU practice in terms of risk assessment and quality administration processes.  It uses well-proven techniques to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in government.  Practical tools and methods of risk assessment are introduced and [...]
Current Issues in Economic Development
Countries and regions around the world have adopted different approaches to economic development in practice, and the results are increasingly available as an evidence base to inform future policy elsewhere.   Issues covered in this course cover the debate between development [...]
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