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This section provides information on the latest developments at Upper Quartile - new projects, new clients, events and publications. Further information can be obtained from the designated contact for each item or from .
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23NOV 12
Job Opportunities
Work with Upper Quartile
25SEP 12
Industry Strategies for Growth
Upper Quartile has recently completed a range of industry strategy contracts for the Construction, Interiors and Harris Tweed sectors in Scotland, to build the capability of each sector and set out the industry priorities over the next 3-5 years.
24SEP 12
Get Smart at International Trade
The Upper Quartile project team have been commissioned by SDI to carry out a series of further Preparing to Export courses by Scottish Development International under the ESF Smart Exporter Framework over September to March 2013.
22SEP 12
Economics Training
Upper Quartile has been conducting training on different aspects of development economics in the Balkans and Central Asia. We have recently completed value chain analysis training and coaching in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a training course in measurement and evaluation for a multi-million pound agricultural development programme in Afghanistan.
18SEP 12
Assessing the Impact and Value for Money of TradeMark East Africa
Upper Quartile Partners Chris Boyd and Dr Ken MacTaggart are currently assisting TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) develop a comprehensive approach to evaluating impact and value for money. They are reviewing TMEA’s portfolio of projects, and providing advice on methods of evaluation.
17SEP 12
Export Training & Development
Upper Quartile is delivering a series of Smart Exporter Preparing to Export workshops, which are designed to boost the international trade skills and knowledge across Scottish companies. They are being offered at three levels: introductory, intermediate and advanced. Each company participant receives course material, a range of case studies and completes an international or export action plan at the end of the programme which they are able to take back and develop within their own companies.
12SEP 12
Upper Quartile Partners Awarded Civilian Service Medals for work in Afghanistan
For a number of years now, Upper Quartile has been helping the reconstruction effort in Afghanistan in areas such as counter-narcotics and skills and agriculture development. In recognition of their service and commitment to the advancement of the UK Government’s development objectives in Afghanistan over the last ten years, four partners have been awarded with the Civilian Service Medal by Foreign Secretary William Hague
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