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This section provides information on the latest developments at Upper Quartile - new projects, new clients, events and publications. Further information can be obtained from the designated contact for each item or from .
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18MAR 10
Iraq Business launch success
Upper Quartile and AAIB launched their new joint venture Iraq Business News
16FEB 10
Developing a Sustainable Business
Upper Quartile partner Frank Martin looks at what is needed to create and sustain a social enterprise.
26JAN 10
Iraq Energy Sector Skills Development programme
Upper Quartile is delivering a contract for the FCO and the Department of Energy and Climate Change in the Ministry of Oil in Baghdad
19JAN 10
Textiles - Skills Development
Upper Quartile has brought together a team of leading education and training providers from across the UK to deliver an integrated programme of upgrading skills in the textiles sector.
18JAN 10
IMPĀ³rove Innovation
Upper Quartile is part of a recently won European Commission tender for a Europe-wide innovation tool and system.
13JAN 10
Supporting the oil and construction industries in Iraq.
Upper Quartile and G4S Risk Management have joined forces to support the international oil industry and the construction industry in Iraq.
11JAN 10
Evaluation of European Structural Funds in the energy sector.
Upper Quartile is completing an evaluation of European Structural Funds in the energy sector in Bucharest
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