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This section provides information on the latest developments at Upper Quartile - new projects, new clients, events and publications. Further information can be obtained from the designated contact for each item or from .
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12JUL 11
New Income Streams for the Higher Education Sector
Further to our ongoing commercialisation work with the University of the Highlands & Islands, and the School of Textiles at Heriot Watt, Upper Quartile has just completed a further piece of work with Edinburgh Napier University.
10JUL 11
Montserrat – Economic Development
A fascinating development challenge - a tiny island with barely 5,000 inhabitants, two thirds of the island sterilised due to the effects and continuing risk of volcanic activity, no competitive advantage in trade or inward investment, high dependence on expensive imported goods and services, limited and unreliable physical access, and an almost complete reliance on UK Government subsidy. What to do?
09JUL 11
Upper Quartile Trends Go North
Following on from a very successful trend and design programme in the Highlands and Islands earlier this year, we were asked to deliver follow up trend workshops in Inverness and Stornoway in June
21JUN 11
Political Empowerment in Uganda .....
“A lot of people never use their initiative because no-one told them to” – Banksy
19JUN 11
Investment Promotion Agency Kosovo…………….planning for the future
Upper Quartile has won a project to prepare the investment and export plan for Kosovo for 2011 to 2013
07JUN 11
Iraq - The Model ….. for democracy and private sector development .
The Arab world's foremost democracy …… something to learn for Libya and beyond?
06JUN 11
Trend and Design Workshops
Designs on success up north……
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