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This section provides information on the latest developments at Upper Quartile - new projects, new clients, events and publications. Further information can be obtained from the designated contact for each item or from .
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28MAY 11
Napier University – developing new revenue streams from industry……….
Upper Quartile is working with Napier University’s Health and Science Institute in Edinburgh building relationships and income streams from industry ……
19MAY 11
The Economics of Piracy
Piracy is a cracking demonstration of the sophistication of a global industry. Established economic value-chains and earnings multipliers making legitimate career options insignificant in many places.
17MAY 11
SME Policy Advisor, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Seeking a senior SME Policy Advisor to work at a very senior level in Bangladesh as an advisor, setting up a series of SME support mechanism.
11MAY 11
Upper Quartile wins Montserrat project
Upper Quartile has won a project with the Government of Montserrat and DFID to design and implement a Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (TIPA) for the island ..... we are working in collaboration with GRM International.
17APR 11
The Social Enterprise Sector
With continuing pressures on public finances, and many public sector organisations looking at alternative delivery mechanisms, one sector which continues to grow in importance is the social enterprise sector.
17APR 11
Economic Impact Assessment of CARD-F
Comprehensive Agriculture and Rural Development Facility …… Upper Quartile has completed an Economic Impact assessment of a $45 million public sector investment in an integrated rural development programme.
12APR 11
The Global Shortage in Private Sector Development (PSD)
Is there a shortage of PSD practitioners? Recent reviews of recruitment into international institutions appear to show that there is an increased demand for senior capable practitioners for PSD roles.
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